who am i?

I'm a quiet homebody who loves building exciting web projects. The best place to see the work I've been up to is right here at jasonkenison.com.


The design of jasonkenison.com is based on my love for all things simple. The wood background, was pieced together in Photoshop using photos I took of my old office door. Though the effect is found elsewhere online I found it important to make sure my wood background is 100% my own. Other than brown, orange is one of my favorite colors.

This site was created just before the official HTML5 specification was widely supported across the major web browsers, so instead written using the XHTML Transitional spec.

Website content is managed in a custom content management system I put together specifically for this site. My design isn't a template based on someone else's code, and neither is the system that helps manage it. The site and CMS run on a Linux server running PHP and MySQL.

The fonts on the site, other than theWebGuy logo, are primarily Open Sans, designed by Steve Matteson, provided by Google Web Fonts. Out of the many web fonts available out there, this is one of the easiest to read at various font sizes on standard as well as hi-dpi screens. For headings, I use the FolksLight family designed by Manfred Klein Fonteria.


I'm a web designer and developer. I build dynamic websites that are easy to update using custom built tools. Projects I build include e-commerce, mobile sites and apps, built on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) backend. I love LAMP.

I can be found being quite unsocial on many popular social networks such as: